Tuesday, May 5, 2009

And Now That It's Over.....

I'm just tired. Tired of a lot of things. Tired of people. I want to play, and just play for the fun of it. But it isn't fun any more. I've lost my love of music. So now I need to either enter the workforce, or find my love again and find a new gig. I told Calvin that I wasn't quitting Powerlight, just quitting the Atlantis. And I'm dead serious about it. Until Cockbreath McPothead gets canned, I'll never set foot on the property again. So if Calvin finds some big-boy gigs elsewhere, I'll be happy to hook up with him again. But I know the score, so I don't expect that to happen any time soon.

I also want to watch a show once in a while. But an unexpected expense has pretty much devastated our bank accounts. I was going to head to Carson City early on Thursday with Joy to see my bro Jeremy play with his new band, I Dekay, but that's out of the question. I'd also been planning for the last several weeks to see my favorite new band, LA's Stolen Babies, in Chico on Satruday, but thanks to this bill we were barely able to pay the rent. A full tank of gas getting to Chico and back, then going on my courier route, is also pretty much out of the question. We'll see what happens. My truck is dying on me with a uncooperative transmission and bald tires, and I'm just hoping our tax return shows up before it finally goes kaput.

Hell, I just wanted to go to Jam night at Sidelines in Sparks tonight, but I'm sick with a sinus infection that was sadly self-inflicted (take allergy meds that dry me out so badly that infection is inevitable, or just not be able to breathe worth a damn - some choice, eh?), so right now I'm moving between the computer and the couch, coughing up phlegm, occasionally sneezing blood (this last winter was rough on my sinuses), and otherwise being generally miserable and depressed. I know that something will turn up, but it's just the holding on until then that's difficult.

Wish me luck.

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