Thursday, May 14, 2009

I've Been Banned

I happened to have a chance encounter with Powerlight's agent, John McDaniel, at an Office Depot today. He was glad to see me, but what the hell happened, and why didn't you call me? I admitted that I'd possibly overreacted, but that I didn't really care in the end, and told him about my refusal to set foot in the building again.

John said that he was okay with my decision, since he'd received a call from the Atlantis informing him that I was not allowed to be used by his bands there. I told him that was fine with me, that I'd washed my hands of the dump. He told me that we were still on good terms, and that he'd see if he could find me gigs elsewhere, so I passed along my current phone numbers and bade him farewell.

So I've been banned, eighty-sixed, tossed.

So what? No, let me rephrase that. So fucking what? Like I really expected any different from Cockbreath McPothead and the morons that run the place? Fuck 'em, fuck 'em all in the ass with their own severed penises (penii?) So here's my call to you: BOYCOTT THE ATLANTIS. Don't spend a dime there. Don't even stop to visit anyone there. Fuck them all. Show them the same respect and dignity they showed me with their lies and stupidity. Tell a friend. Tell another friend. Then tell another. Spread it like a virus, choke off their business, make them suffer for their arrogance and idiocy. Perhaps deliver the Flaming Bag of Poo to the Farahi family manse. I dunno, I just don't give a shit any more.


Gotta run, time to make some fried chicken before I go to work, maybe see my boy Dre up at Carson Station, he's in town with Steppen Stonz. Then maybe hit Jam Night at Indigo in Minden, do a little networking. Until I can secure a second PT job, it won't hurt to network.

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