Wednesday, June 3, 2009

As One Door Closes...

Another opens. Joy and I are moving out of our house for a few months in our tent-trailer, then home to Washington state, with my money on going back to Olympia. Why we're not moving right now is because, other than the fact that we can't afford it right now, is that we're still waiting on two more tax returns and Joy's Social Security/Disability application being approved. I'm just frustrated by all this, and I've decided that moving to Reno was a bad, and expensive idea. I feel guilty, because we spent so much money to get here, and it's all come to naught. But in the long run, things will be better once we get home. I'm figuring that we'll be back in Washington by the end of the year, and I'll find work and/or gigs there without too much trouble.

The only thing that'll keep me here in Reno would be a gig or job of serious magnitude. Y'know, the kind of opportunity that means full-time work, and full-time money. I'll do my best to keep up hope, but I also need to be realistic. I just get the feeling that eight months from now I'll be either on the field or bench for my beloved Budd Bay RFC Buffaloes, resuming my role as the Les Nessman of rugby....

Author's Note: Go look up "WKRP in Cincinnati" on YouTube or Hulu, or whatever, and try to find the episode about the softball game. There's a reason why "WKRP in Cincinnati" is one of the rare TV shows that never 'jumped the shark', and this is one of them.

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