Wednesday, June 10, 2009

John McDaniel, RIP

At least we were on good terms when he passed. Calvin notified me earlier today, left me a message on my cellphone. I'm sure I'll learn more later. We all knew he was sick, something was wrong. But he never let on, not one tiny little bit. For as much grief that he gave Powerlight, and myself, I'll miss the old fart. Rest in peace, John.

Calvin had told me that he'd made an offer to purchase the agency from John's survivors (his widow and ex-wife were his 'employees' in the agency), I wonder if he'll follow through on that? If Calvin is running the agency, he could probably get the Atlantis to fire Cockbreath McPothead. Not that it matters that much to me. Dean Brownell's new band starts rehearsal on Monday, and I have more important issues. Like training and educating a new singer.....

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