Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Irons In the Fire

We just had a rather interesting day today. Joy and I were in the midst of getting a mini-storage unit to pack away things before we moved into the trailer when we got a phone call from Michelle, telling us that her purse had been stolen from her van with $800 in cash in it! Apparently, they talked the rental agency into disregarding the 3o-day notice of leaving. And they informed us that they would be unable to move until next February. So I guess that we're not moving after all.

Which may be a good thing after all. Thinking about it, I actually have five different projects going at this time. My new band with Dean Brownell has a name (Bridgewater - sounds like a condo development), and our first sort-of practice (the singer came in from Fallon, but the bassist was sick with the flu). Dean and I will be temping next weekend in Carson City with a band called Tight In The Corner, and there's my previously mentioned temp gig with Steppen Stonz the weekend after that.

I also have two bands scouting me as well. A band whose name I won't mention has informed me that the are considering firing their drummer, and I'm number one on their list. The other band may be even more promising: A country band with national potential. The group is Aussie or Kiwi, can't remember which right off hand, and they've just returned from recording demos and generally schmoozing in Nashville. One thing is for certain, though: I need work, and consistent work, and it needs to come soon.

But Joy and I are looking on the bright side of all this. Now we really don't have much to keep us from going on our trip home to Washington next month, barring our Explorer needing a brake job. I may have to borrow money from my Uncle Roger to get that done. We were looking towards actually spending time together by ourselves, but I think that we can deal with continuing to babysit two adorable little weapons of mass destruction for a while longer.

I also have to give props to my audience.

Yes, I actually have one, and it's not just Joy. So let me give a shout-out to my amigo Mark Twohey (as in tooey!) from Atomika, who gave big kudos to this blog and its insane ramblings. If you're reading Mark, thanks bro.

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